ZTE Prestige 2 – Super Cheap with Specs to Match It [2020 Update]

The ZTE Prestige 2 comes with a tempting price tag. But does it offer the smartphone functionality you might expect from it? All budget smartphones come with caveats. Read along to find out what this super cheap smartphone can truly offer for you:

ZTE Prestige 2 Specs

Device Specifications:


5.73 x 2.83 x 0.39 inches (145.3 x 72.4 x 9.9 mm)


5.29 ounces (150g)


480 x 854 pixels


1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210




16GB expandable


2,035 mAh



What You Can Really Expect with the ZTE Prestige 2 LTE

The Prestige 2 costs less than a $100, so it’s important to consider what you can genuinely expect with that sort of budget. Here are the highlights:

ZTE Prestige Memory Card is Bigger than Expected

For a super cheap budget phone, the memory capacity of the Prestige 2 is quite good. Out of the box, you get 16GB of internal storage. That’s a plenty of space for a dozen or so apps. The memory is expandable up to 32GB via an SD card. Considering the capabilities of the phone, this should be more than enough. If nothing else, it’s doubtful this phone would run out of memory.

ZTE Prestige 2 Battery isn’t So Bad

The Prestige 2 doesn’t come with a massive battery, but the 2,035 mAh Li-ion block is big enough to give 14 hours of talk time. With browsing, GPS and app use, you can expect around 8 hours of battery life on this smartphone. That’s not bad at all.


Even with the battery inside, the Prestige 2 weighs only about 150g or roughly 5 ounces. Quite lightweight enough to carry in a pocket without feeling any weight. The lightweight-ness also makes this a good phone for children or the elderly.

Hearing Aid Supported

The Prestige 2 is rated M4/T3 hearing aid compatible. In comparison, the iPhone 11 is M3/T4 rated. It’s generally considered that higher the number, the more compatible the smartphone is with hearing aid devices. The Prestige 2 is rating actually exceeds ANSI standards, so this would be a really good smartphone to use if you use a cochlear implant.

The Bad Stuff

The Prestige 2 may have many downsides compared to pricier phones. You won’t get an FHD screen or a lightning fast processor for sure. The focus here, however, is how well this smartphone compares to other products in the price range. Here are the biggest issues with that in mind:

Outdated Design

It’s a given not to expect a fancy design at this price range. The Prestige 2 is lightweight, but not sleek. There are no physical buttons except a home button. There are big bezels around the screen, so the phone looks its age. The screen resolution and display is nothing to brag about either. The ZTE Prestige camera is 5MP and can only meet the basic functionality of a camera.

Really Old Android OS

The Prestige 2 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and it’s not possible to upgrade it to a recent version. Marshmallow was released in 2015 and Google ended support for this operating system in 2019. You can still use the phone as usual. However, you won’t be able to use newer apps with the phone. Some apps that have been updated might not be compatible with the phone either.

Only 5 Languages Supported

On the plus side, the Prestige 2 has language support. On the flip side, it only supports 5 languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, and Japanese. You can find much more varied language support for plenty of other phones in the market. But at this price range, it might not be a major downside.

ZTE Prestige 2 smartphone

Is it Better to Just Buy a Different Smartphone?

The Prestige 2 is not for people who want nippy performance or great graphics. If you do want these features, here are a couple of options to consider. Keep in mind though, that both smartphones listed below cost more than Prestige 2 in general:

Umidigi A3 Pro

The A3 Pro is a mid-range budget smartphone that comes with overall better specs than the Prestige 2. The A3 has a quad core processor, more RAM, more in-built memory, and better camera hardware. It runs on Android 9.0, inarguably a better upgrade than Android 6.0. The design is stylish as well (it’s made to look like an iPhone). If you are willing to spend more, the A3 Pro might be a better budget options considering your needs.

Samsung Galaxy A20s

If you are on the market for a smartphone to use with all the recent apps but without burning a hole in your pocket, the Galaxy A20 is an excellent option to consider. It runs on Android 9.0 and comes with a tempting tri-camera setup. Performance is better than on the Prestige 2, but not as speedy as the expensive Samsung phones. Overall, if you want a cheap smartphone you can actually use for work, the A20 will be a better option than the Prestige 2.

Who would Benefit the Most from Prestige 2?

The Prestige 2 won’t do much for professionals or students on a budget. Because of the outdated operating system, it won’t run most apps. However, the Prestige 2 would be a good option for children or the elderly.

The phone can run drawing apps and play videos for kids. The elderly can download some apps, including senior health apps, compatible with Android Marshmallow. Also, seniors would benefit the most from its hearing aid compatibility. If you just want a smartphone to make phone calls and occasionally check email, then the Prestige 2 would do.

As long as your expectations match the capabilities of this smartphone, the Prestige 2 will be well worth it.

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