Umidigi A5 Pro – Can a Budget Smartphone be as Good as a Flagship? [2020 Update]

The Umidigi A5 Pro is a budget-smartphone that can go head to head with market-dominating flagships that cost thousands of dollars. Breathtaking displays and multi-camera setups? The A5 Pro has those. But is it all hype? Does this budget smartphone truly deliver on what it promises? Read ahead to find out.

Umidigi A5 Pro Specs

Device Specifications:


 Mediatek Helio P23


 32GB expandable




 6.3" (160mm) FHD+ Waterdrop screen


 Android 9.0




 6.1 x 3 x 0.3" (156 x 75.9 x 8.2 mm)


 16MP primary, 8MP, and 5MP tri-camera setup


 Space Gray, Breathing Crystal

Umidigi A5 Pro Review - The Best Features It Offers

What you can really expect with the A5 Pro:

Great Build and Even Better Packaging

Soon out of the box the A5 Pro looks stylish and feels sturdy. The packaging is surprisingly smart for a budget phone (you even get a SIM ejector tool—cute). What’s more, the smartphone comes with a protective casing and a glass back. That means you won’t have to look for and spend extra money on screen protectors and whatnot.

Sharp Display and Smartly Designed Screen

Probably the best feature of the A5 Pro is it’s high-definition screen. With the resolution clocking at 2280 x 1080, paired with the 400 ppi, you can expect crisp and clear display. Photos and videos are vivid and sharp. In fact, the display nearly as good as what you get in a much more expensive iPhone X.

The great display with paired with excellent screen design. The bezels around the screen are paper thin and hardly noticeable. Even better is the waterdrop notch made for the front-facing camera. It’s barely distinguishable—a quality that even some high-end smartphones lack. All in all, you get more than your money’s worth with the A5’s stunning display.

Dual SIM, and Fingerprint Unlock

For once, the high-end features on a budget smartphone are more than marketing gimmicks. The A5 comes with a fingerprint scanner (located in the back), that actually works. There is no tell-tale buffering. The scanner snappily unlocks the phone without trouble.

Multi-carrier users will be happy to know that the A5 supports two nano SIM cards—quite great for keeping a work number and a personal number on a single phone.

The Tri-Camera Setup - A5 Pro Camera Review

The A5 Pro comes with camera setup that is comparable to much more pricier phones. The smartphone has a 16MP F2.0 front facing camera, an 8MP ultra-wide rear camera, and a 5MP depth sensor also in the rear. The hardware is quite impressive given the price.

Umidigi A5 Pro smartphone

The ultra-wide camera supports a whopping 120-degree angle. The depth sensor supports bokeh mode—something you usually get with Samsung phones or iPhones. The A5 Pro is excellent for panoramic and portrait shots. The photos come out vivid and sharp, and quite comparable to results you might get with a high-end device like an iPhone 11.

There are some minor issues, as expected with the low-end price. Photo quality is highly dependent on available light. Expect a lot of noise on photos captured under low-light conditions.

It comes with a versatile camera app with plenty of features. Plus, the camera is compatible with most App Store photo apps too.  Considering there are newer phones with better cameras, this setup may not seem that impressive. However, the A5 Pro cameras certainly deliver a lot more that its price suggests.

The Biggest Drawbacks

Not everything is perfect. Here’s where the A5 Pro falters:

Sluggish Processor

While the A5 Pro comes with a surprisingly good camera setup, the brand has cut a big corner when it comes to the processor. The Mediatek Helio P23 is a bit outdated and even when it was released was hardly speedy. 

So is Umidigi reliable? You can expect the phone to function smoothly in general. However, it won’t be as smooth as more recent phones. Some apps may crash. Multitasking is possible, but with just 4GB of RAM, don’t expect iPhone X levels of performance.

No CDMA Network Compatibility

CDMA compatibility is not something the average smartphone user looks for when shopping. But it’s one of those features that you will miss in its absence.

If you are confused, CDMA is a type of communications network phone carriers use to facilitate calls and texting. The usefulness of this feature depends entirely on which carrier you end up using with the A5 Pro. If your carrier doesn’t use a CDMA network, then you will have no trouble with this Umidigi. However, if your carrier does use CDMA, then you may have trouble with basic phone functions like receiving texts.

Simply put, you may have trouble using the A5 Pro is your carrier is on CDMA. Otherwise, the product works fine as a phone.

Could Do with Better Sound

The A5 Pro has a crisp screen and a bright display, but the same can’t be said about the audio. The speakers can deliver loud sound, but the quality of sound is not as great as it should be. Some sounds, like bass, may not be clear. If you are a fan of putting your smartphone on speakers, the A5 Pro’s lackluster audio may disappoint you.

A5 Pro verses Umidigi F2 - Which Umidigi Should You Buy?

Umidigi offers a number of budget-range smartphones with high-end specs, so it can be a bit difficult to pick a model. A close in-house competitor to the A5 Pro is the F2, which is another mid-range budget smartphone. Released in 2019, it might be a tad bit more expensive than the A5 Pro, depending on the seller.

The F2 offers these tempting features that’s hard to overlook:

  • A Quad-Camera Setup

The F2 comes with an ultra-wide angle lens and a depth lens like the A5 Pro. In addition, this model has a macro lens for highly detailed close-ups. One of the cameras packs an impressive 48MP. What’s more, the phone has a 32MP, AI-powered selfie camera. Essentially, the F2 is made for modern instagrammers and budding photographers. The camera setup goes toe-to-toe with some of the recent Samsung releases.

  • Android 10

The A5 Pro comes with a stock version of Android 9.0. The F2 is preinstalled with more recent Android 10. It has some of popular features new to Android, like a dark theme that’s system wide.

  • Sharp Display

Much like the A5 Pro, the F2 packs a brilliant FHD+ display. You also get a full-view display with barely visible bezels.

The F2 shares similar problems as the A5 Pro, namely with the processor. The Mediatek Helios P70 is faster and smoother than the one in the A5 Pro. Still, the F2 falls behind when it comes to other budget smartphones in the same price range. For example, Huawei phones priced similarly come with nippier processors.

It’s a tough call between the two. The F2 seems the obvious choice if you are really into smartphone photography. It also offers the advantage of a better processor and a more recent operating system. The downside it, you get these upgrades at a slightly higher price.

If you still want similar features at an even lower price range, the A3 Pro is worth looking at. Check out an Umidigi A3 Pro review to find out how specs and features compare to the A5 Pro and the F2.


The A5 Pro offers great features for the price in some areas, while leaving users wanting more in others. Hands down, the phone’s got a great display and graphics. The tri-camera setup, while not perfect, offers amazing benefits for the cost.

As with most budget smartphones, you will have to sacrifice some processing power to enjoy the perks. The A5 Pro is quite comparable to high-end phones. Overall, you can expect excellent value for your money, as long as you are spending the money on features you do need.

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