Get it ON with the ONN VR Headset Review [2020 Update]

VR might have been around for a while but its gaining traction nowadays with the development of technology.

If you want a 10/10 of immersive experience, you’ll have to pay a higher price. There are so many cheap VR headsets out there and the ONN VR belongs to this category. They are perfect to test the waters and nothing more.

Our ONN VR headset review will give you an idea of whether it is the perfect fit for you or not.

What’s the Onn VR Headset All About

The ONN VR headset is ridiculously cheap. It’s in the same price range as the Google cardboard which is covered in detail below.

The ONN VR supports both Android and iPhone devices and fits phones with a measurement of 6” or less.

It’s an entry-level headset, therefore, keep your expectations low.

Design Factor

It’s designed better than the google cardboard which doesn’t even have headbands to hold it securely in place.

It delivers the experience as expected from a device in its price range, even better than some I’d say.

The headset is quite heavy given its flimsy construction, and prolonged use tends to put a strain on the user. There is a layer of foam padding that doesn’t help distribute the weight and irritates the skin after a while.

The head straps are probably the only component that gives this device some credibility on its design aspect. They seem to have a good grip and holds the headset in place securely.

The device has an opening on the side for wires. You can charge your phone and enjoy the VR experience undisturbed. However, this is not recommended because the phone can overheat in confined spaces and cause injuries to the user.

All in all, we can’t complain about the comfortability factor for the price we pay. It does the job for short trips to the VR realm.


Comfort is an important factor, but the whole idea of buying a VR headset is not to sleep with but to have a VR experience.

Unfortunately, the ONN VR fails miserably in this section.

There is no space for a user who wears prescription glasses so the two knobs located on the top of the device and can be used to adjust the focal length. Again, unfortunately, these knobs fail to give a clear and sharp adjustment. The visual performance lacks and fails all benchmarks used to decide this factor.

No matter how good your phone resolution is, the lens tends to blur the colors and distort the image.

But considering how most devices in this price range don’t offer adjustable lens knobs, the ONN VR headset should be applauded that it does.


Like I mentioned before, the ONN headset has slits in the side for wires and therefore your headphone jack can be connected to the phone.

You can’t expect built-in headphones in a device of this caliber. Therefore, the audio experience depends on how good the soundcard on your phone is.

The sound makes up 50 percent of the VR experience. So, if you’re serious about VR, invest in headsets with better sound quality or a better pair of headphones with noise isolation.


Interaction with VR apps is limited in the ONN headset due to the lack of a Bluetooth controller.

We can’t expect a controller from a product in this price range when some devices with a higher price range don’t offer one.

A controller is much needed for an undisturbed VR experience, so users who purchase the ONN headset would also have to buy a Bluetooth controller to get the best possible experience.

The headset also doesn’t have any buttons on it. Navigation is going to be a nuisance without a controller.

Alternatives (Ranked in Terms of Price)

In essence, Google Cardboard is a cheap headset. This product is not immersive or the most comfortable, but it’s a great value that offers a decent starter to VR at a fraction of the other models' price which is why it is on our list.

The Cardboard is a good option for those on the smallest budgets, or who likes to try out VR without a massive investment.

There are no head straps, padding, or any kind of buttons. You just have to hold it against your face and it does the job.

All of this makes Google Cardboard relatively inexpensive and available, but the devices are nowhere near the quality of the above, and many of the applications and experiences are not as high quality either.


  • Extremely cost-effective
  • Google VR app is highly user-friendly
  • Lightweight


  • No buttons
  • No head straps
  • No padding
Google Cardboard,VR Headsets 3D Box Virtual Reality Glasses with Big...
Virtual Reality made easier, lighter and more fun.

The Tzumi Dream Vision Pro is quite a winner in its price range.

The device is quite light at 1.1pounds(499g). A VR headset needs to be comfortable and lightweight so that the strain on the user’s neck and head are reduced as much as possible.

In terms of comfort, the Dream Vision comes with inbuilt soft vinyl padding so that it rests easily on the user’s face. Some types of padding cut into the user’s skin and cause skin irritation, but this specific padding does the job well without any complications.

These straps are also adjustable, which is convenient because not all of us have the same head shape and size.

Light leak into the device is also limited by the soft padding and the straps which enable the user to tightly fit the headset.

Bluetooth retractable earbuds along with a microphone are embedded into the headset.

The device works with all kinds of smartphones up to 6” (15.2cm).


  • Good sound and navigation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-glare system
  • Compatible with prescription glasses
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Build material is flimsy
  • Very few app support
Tzumi 4872WM Dream Vision Pro Mobile VR Headset - Black
Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Everybody loves a good Samsung device and the Gear VR is no exception.

Samsung has a wide range of consumer electronics and is a leader in almost all types of product domains. Yet again the VR arena is no exception. With partners like Oculus, a leading force in the VR domain, Samsung is doing it right.

Currently in its 3rd generation, Samsung has the fundamentals locked in and is doing everything possible to give users the best experience.

One look at the Gear VR and you’ll be mesmerized by its beautiful, bold look. The plastic headset is quite sturdy and has a sleek finish. The design is as such that light leak is minimized by the front compartment that tightly allowing the user to enjoy an undisturbed VR session.

Best of all, the comfort level is out of this world. The secure pair of adjustable straps does an excellent job.

The replaceable soft padding around the eyes is held together by Velcro and is comfortable.

The device ships with a premium controller that has a sensitive touchpad and button that can be used to interact with games and can double as a trigger for games with weapons.

The ergonomics of this device is unmatched.


  • Ergonomic controller
  • Very comfortable
  • Soft straps that can be adjusted
  • USB-C port
  • Loads of content


  • Only works with Samsung devices
Samsung Gear VR w/Controller - US Version - Discontinued by...
Go anywhere, do anything, be anyone with virtual reality; Complete 360 immersion with a wide 101o field of view

VR Headset Buying Guide

VR headset range from standalone devices to tethered devices to cardboard pieces. What I’m trying to say is that there are so many types of headsets and brands out there.

Headsets also have various uses from gaming to interior designing.

Different types of headsets have different factors to be considered before investing. Let’s go over some of the common features to consider for all types of headsets.

VR Experience

Like I mentioned before for a 10/10 experience you’d have to buy a tethered device connected to your PC.

To be honest the ONN VR headset is not going to give you at least a 5/10 experience. You’re looking at a more 3/10.

the VR experience

Your Playground

No matter how good your VR device is, your VR experience all boils down to the extent of your playground.

A user with the cheapest headset combined with a large area to move around is going to have more fun than a player with the best VR device out there but confined to his closet.

Mobile VR devices don’t have a space requirement, but most tethered or untethered standalone devices have a space requirement for peak performance.

Therefore, if you have limited space it is recommended to buy for a mobile VR device like the ONN headset or a high-end device like the Samsung Gear VR for a better experience.

Display and Audio

This is where it mainly differs when it comes to a powerful standalone device or tethered devices and mobile VR headsets.

Mobile VR headsets use the screen of your phone and just have a lens in place. Therefore, the display clarity and sharpness depends on the resolution of your mobile device. Click here to find out the best mobile device for VR.

Just like the display the audio is also quite important and makes up 50% of the experience. Some mobile devices like the Tzumi Dream Vision Pro have inbuild earbuds but cheaper devices like the ONN headset depend on your smartphone. So, it comes down to how good your soundcard or the pair of earbuds you are using is.

Always use wired earphones with noise isolation for the best experience.

However powerful VR headsets usually have inbuild OLED screens for each eye with their own resolutions.

Audio in standalone or tethered devices comes from integrated true three-dimensional audio speakers or earbuds.

You can always opt to buy sperate headphones especially made for VR.


In this case, comfort is probably the most essential factor to consider.

No matter how great the tech specs are if the device is heavy or has less padding and is uncomfortable, all intent is lost.

A Virtual Reality headset is stuck to your face, I’m sure you don’t want something that feels like a burden stuck to your face for too long.

Always go for a light headset and if you can always try the headset before you buy it. If you are shopping online, try your best to find reviews and get information about the build material, the padding, and adjustable straps.

Unfortunately, the ONN mobile VR headset isn’t the best out there. It scored badly in all aspects as you can see above. However, just like the Google cardboard, this device is good enough to test the waters. If you fall in love with the VR experience, you should consider an upgrade.

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