LG Rebel 3 Review – A Rebel Just in The Label [2020 Update]

Flagship phones are great, but they can also:

  • Be expensive
  • Distract you from work
  • Easily slip from your hands (because of the metal or glass back)

There is a phone that solves all three problems. Read this LG Rebel 3 review to learn more about it.

Device specifications

Device Specifications:


5.7 x 2.9 x 0.31 in (144.8 x 73.7 x 7.87 mm)


0.3 lbs (136.1 g)

Screen size

5.0 in (127 mm)

Display type



480 x 854 pixels


2 GB

Internal storage

16 GB (expandable up to 32 GB)

Operating System

Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow


5 MP (main), 5 MP (front)


2500 Li-ion mAh


Bluetooth 4.1, Wi-Fi, GPS, radio

All you need to know

The Tracfone LG Rebel 3 is a basic budget phone that gets the job done. It doesn’t have any of the extravagant features that you find in smartphones these days. It comes in two models, with L157BL offering GSM and L158VL offering CDMA services.

Given the ordinary specs, you would think the LG Rebel 3 release date would have come before 2018. But it’s not. Although the device is just two years old, it doesn’t have the advanced features you would expect.

Under the hood, it has 2 GB of RAM and a 1.1 GHz quad-core processor. With this kind of system, you cannot expect very fast or smooth performance. But because of the low performance, the 2500 mAh battery works fine.

It has a TFT (thin-film-transistor) display, which is efficient in giving you sharp images. It’s not exactly better than IPS LCD, which delivers much better color and speed. The TFT displays respond much slower than IPS. However, due to this, they consume less energy. So for a device like this, with relatively low battery capacity, TFT is better-suited.

The phone has unfortunately been discontinued by LG. However, you can still find it in some stores and get it from Tracfone as well. All in all, it is well suited as a secondary device or for work with a good balance of pros and cons.

TracFone LG Rebel 3 4G LTE Prepaid Smartphone
4G LTE; Internal memory 16 GB; 1.1 GHz quad-core processor; Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology; A-GPS/GPS capabilities

Good features

There are some aspects where the LG Rebel 3 has done well.

  • Size – The LG Rebel 3 is light, slim, and compact. It has a smaller screen than today’s flagships, but it’s not too small. It is just enough to make one-hand usage comfortable.

  • Body – In addition to the size, the textured back provides a pretty good grip. Even without a cover, the phone does not slip easily.

  • Price – This device will cost you less than a dinner at a fancy restaurant (and last much longer). It’s not the cheapest out there but is affordable. If you want something similar at an even lower price, check out this LG Rebel 4 review.
  • Security – You also get a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner to lock the phone. It’s not the fastest but is well positioned and comfortable to use.

  • Storage – There is a dedicated slot for a micro SD card, which was probably necessary.

  • Battery – The 2500 mAh is not great but it is sufficient for this phone because of the power-consuming features that are not there. You can expect to get 8 days of standby time, which is pretty impressive.

Bonus – The battery is removable, which may or may not seem like an advantage. However, this means that you don’t have to throw away the phone if the battery gets ruined.

LG Rebel 3


Then there are some features where they kind of dropped the ball.

  • Processor – The user interface is somewhat sluggish from the very beginning. If you go through the LG Rebel 3 specs properly, you would probably expect this.

  • Software - It runs Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and is not expected to receive further updates.

  • Display – Although low resolutions are usually not a problem for small screens like this one, this resolution is quite low. Given the current standards, the picture quality is actually below average.

  • Audio – There is just one loudspeaker situated at the back. The position of the speaker is where it could easily be covered by your hand. Also, the sound is not too loud, to begin with.

  • Storage – Of the already low internal memory of 16 GB, only 10 GB is usable. That is just over 60%, which is much lower than other recent models where the system takes up much less memory.

  • Camera – The camera quality is quite poor but that isn’t a surprise.

To conclude

Despite several good features, we stand by our initial comment. If you need a phone that is not expensive and does not distract you from work, consider this. However, do not expect it to keep up the same performance for years since there is no guarantee of how long it will receive software support.

So if it suits your needs, check out the device on Amazon.

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