Lectrus Tablet Review – Lightweight and Light Priced [2020 Update]

Sometimes we don’t need a fancy tablet with a 4k screen. If you are a working professional who needs a device to quickly check emails or type a project proposal, there is little need to spend hundreds of dollars on a tablet with a huge graphics processor. 

The Lectrus tablet is aimed at those who need a basic device that doesn’t cost a fortune. Read this review to find out if this little-known brand’s tablet is worth investing in:

A Quick Look at the Specs

Device Specifications:


 9.48 x 6.59 x 0.34 inches (240 x 167 x 8.6 mm)



 Operating System

 Android 9 Pie


 1.2 pounds (544g)


 MTK6580 Quad Core 1.3 Ghz

 Internal Storage

 16 GB


 6,000 mAH

 Screen Resolution

 1280 x 800




 32 GB



 Rear Camera


 Front Camera


 SIM Card Slots


Lectrus Tablet Review - What Makes It Worth Buying?

The price tag on the Lectrus is tempting, but that’s not the only reason to invest in this tablet. Here are some of the best features it offers:

Thin and Small Body

The Lectrus is inarguable a slim and rather lightweight tablet. It sports a 10-inch screen but the thickness is negligible. Overall, the device only weighs about a pound. If you are on the market for a small and easy-to-carry tablet, this Lectrus is well worth considering. The size makes it easy to carry in a handbag or a backpack. Plus, it won’t strain your wrists while holding for prolonged periods.

Dual SIM Slots

One of the best aspects of this tablet is that it comes with two SIM card slots. That essentially means you can use two phone numbers with this device. Therefore, the Lectrus is one great tablet phone combo for working professionals on the go.

You can conveniently fit in a SIM card for data and another for making phone calls. Alternatively, just use both a personal and a business number in one slim device. However you use the SIM slots, they are major advantages.

Android Lectrus tablet PC

Reasonably Good Camera

No, the Lectrus doesn’t come with a fancy camera. Still, the cameras it comes with are surprisingly decent given the unit price. Most people don’t use tablets to snap Instagram pics. With a tablet like this, what really matters is the webcam. Both the front and rear cameras are more than adequate for the typical Zoom call.

You can expect webcam footage to be clear and not awfully grainy. Don’t expect high-quality images though. The camera meets the basic webcam needs of the average user.  

Large and Bright Screen

The 10-inch screen is big enough for the needs of most tablet users. It’s not all about the size. The screen is bright and renders colors brilliantly. It’s not Full HD, but you would hardly notice it. The screen is vivid enough for usual needs like web browsing and word processing. It’s solid enough for some online streaming as well. Unless you are a graphic designer, this screen should meet all your needs.

New Android OS

The Lectrus comes preinstalled with Android 9 Pie, released in 2018. The latest version you can get as of July, 2020 is Android 10. So you will be getting recent and well-patched version of Android with this tablet.

Expandable Storage

This tablet only comes with 16GB of internal storage. In modern terms, that’s not really much. Surely, 16GB is more than enough for installing and using a dozen or so apps. However, it might not be adequate for holding all those bulky pictures, videos, ebooks, and other files.

Despite the dismal internal storage, the Lectrus makes up for it with expandable storage. You can extend the existing storage up to a whopping 128GB with an SD card. That’s plenty of space for apps and personal files.

Multiple Language Support

On the non-technical side, the Lectrus comes with multiple language support extended to up to 40 languages. You can comfortably use this tablet in your native language.

The Downsides to Keep in Mind

When the price is this cheap, you know there are compromises to make. Here are some things about the Lectrus that do not sound quite appealing:

Short on RAM

Most users prefer tablets that can run fast, multitask, and store lots of pictures and videos. What makes your tablet able to multitask is the RAM capacity. A high-end tablet these days comes with RAM of at least 8GB. In comparison, the Lectrus has only 2GB of RAM.

Only 2GB of RAM doesn’t make this tablet a “bad” one at all. In fact, that’s plenty of RAM for handling work-related tasks like web browsing or word processing. It’s good enough for streaming and lightweight gaming too. However, you won’t be able to keep many applications open and running at the same time with just 2GB of RAM.

While this is not a major deal breaker, if you plan on multitasking or doing intensive processing tasks, the RAM capacity may not be adequate to meet your needs.

Battery Life Could be Longer

The Lectrus comes with a 6,000mAH battery. The capacity doesn’t sound bad, but on average, this tablet can only hold a charge for about 5 hours. That might not be ideal for users that might need the tablet to function for most of the day.

Somewhat Brittle Body

This tablet is made from plastic. The body feels solid, but it is not the sturdiest. To be clear, this tablet won’t fall apart that easily. However, it may scratch easily or crack with even minor mishaps. As long as you use the tablet carefully, you won’t have to look for a Lectrus tablet screen replacement anytime soon.

Alternatives to Consider

If you feel like the Lectrus isn’t for you, here are several alternatives to consider:

Dragon Touch v10

The v10 is another budget tablet quite similar to the Lectrus. Both are in the same price range. Many of the specs are similar too. The v10, though, comes with extra features like integrated GPS. The Lectrus has the upper hand when it comes to expandable storage. Also, v10 doesn’t come with dual SIM capability. All in all, both devices are quite similar and you can consider the other if you don’t like one.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1

If you want a budget tablet with more processing power than the Lectrus, the Tab A is a really good option to consider. It comes with a faster processor, more RAM, and more internal storage. The Tab A is slightly pricier than the Lectrus, but you get more power for it. If you want a strictly budget option, then Lectrus might still be your choice.


The Lectrus offers good returns for its budget price. While you won’t get anything fancy, you can benefit from a reliable set of specs that can handle everyday tasks. This tablet might suit business professionals well who might need a cheap device for emailing or making spreadsheets.

It’s also a solid starter tablet for kids or teens. If you want a lightweight tablet for light use that won’t break the bank, the Lectrus might be your best choice.

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