SOLVED: How To Record Calls On iPhone Without App – Top 3 Hacks

how to record call on iphone without app

Ever wondered why such a high-end device like the iPhone does not have a built-in recording app? Call recording often takes place on one end without the other caller’s knowledge and/or permission. This goes against Apple’s privacy policy, which states that they do not support any processes that jeopardize the privacy of others.

Nevertheless, if you know how to record calls on iPhone without app, it might come handy in times of emergency, for example, if you’re receiving threats over the phone.

Before You Start

If you use an external app, you only need to make sure it is compatible with your phone and operating system. For other methods, there are some requirements to fulfill:

  • You need to have iOS 9.0 or higher,
  • For one of the methods, you will be using your voicemail – so make sure that your voicemail inbox is not full,
  • Ensure that your carrier and regional laws allow you to record calls. Carriers that have a strict policy against recording calls might not let you use voicemail for this purpose,
  • Disable the Call Waiting feature on your phone. Use the following steps:
    1. Go to Settings,
    2. Select Phone,
    3. You will see an option, Call Waiting – tap on it,
    4. Look at the switch key beside Call Waiting – if it is already disabled (bar colored white), no need to do anything. If the bar is green that means it is enabled. Tap on the switch to disable the feature.
send to voicemail

How To Record Without Using An App

You can download an external app to record calls or conversations on your iPhone. It can also be done without using an app. Go through the following list to learn how to record phone call on iPhone.

You have three options – just use a separate recording device, use your voicemail inbox, or an external recording website. All the methods are elaborated below.

Use another device

One of the easiest methods to records calls is by using a separate recording device. Follow these steps:

  1. Make the call you wish to record,
  2. From your dial screen, turn on the speaker while the call is on-going,
  3. Use another device (laptop, phone, tablet, recorder, etc.) to record the conversation.

Use your voicemail inbox

This is another method to record a phone call without an app. Follow these steps:

  1. Make the call you want to record,
  2. On your call screen, you will see several options, tap the “add call” button,
  3. You will be directed to your contacts list – select your number from it,
  4. Tap the dial button to confirm this addition. Doing this will add your voice-box to the call.
  5. When you reach the voice-box, wait for the ‘beep’ after which it starts recording,
  6. Then you will see an option “merge” on your call screen – tap on it,
  7. This will merge your calls and turn it into a regular conference. Since at one end, you have your voicemail number, the entire conversation will be recorded as an inbox message.

Once the call is over, you will find the recording in your voicemail inbox. It is best to save it somewhere else so that you can access it whenever you want. So next, what you need to do is:

  • Open the Phone app on your iPhone,
  • Select the Voicemail feature from the bottom,
  • Then tap on “share”,
  • Then, send it to your e-mail or save it to your computer.
Phone app on your iPhone

Use an external recording website

This method also does not require downloading an app, but you need an internet connection to set it up first. This is a similar method using a web-based service called Recordator. To use this method, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and create a free account.
  2. After you have created an account, place a call from your phone to their toll-free number for the United States: +1-888-829-2045.
    • If you live outside the United States, you will need to use a different dial-in number. They have the numbers listed according to your country on their website.
  3. Once the call is connected to their number, use the previous method to add your recipient to the call. Press “add call” on your dial screen and select the number you want to dial from your contacts list,
  4. When the receiver answers the call, you will see the option “merge” on your call screen, tap on it,
  5. This will turn your call into a three-way conference, during which Recordator will be recording the conversation, and storing it in your account.

If you cannot find their dial-in number for your country, you can use an alternative method to record the call. Once you have signed up for an account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Recordator account,
  2. Go to the option New Call,
  3. Enter the name and number of your recipient and press “Add”,
  4. Now that this contact is added, you will see two options, press “Click-to-call”.
  5. After this, Recordator will call you and the recipient and turn it into a three-way conference – then record and store the call in the same way.

To access this recording you will need to:

  • Sign in to your account on Recordator,
  • Go to My Recordings – this is where you will find all your recordings,
  • Beside each, you will find the option of download or share. You can download MP3 files and save them on your computer or share the files.

Alternate Method – Using An External App

Even though one isn’t preinstalled, you will find several results if you search for iPhone call recording app in the Apple App Store. Here are three of the most recommended apps to use:

TapeACall: There are both free and paid versions of this app. It is very simple to use:

  1. Go to Apple App Store and download TapeACall,
  2. Dial your desired number from the Phone app,
  3. While the call is on-going, open the TapeACall app and press “record”. This will place a call to their access number.
  4. Next, go back to your dial screen and press “merge”. This will turn it into a three-way conference and your call will be recorded.

This is how to record a phone call on iPhone secretly. It takes a few moments for the app to process the recordings, so be patient. You can find all your recordings saved on your device in the TapeACall app.

Google Voice: If you already have a Google account (that you probably do), you can easily set up an account on Google Voice and record calls using the app. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Google Voice from your browser and sign in with your Google account,
  2. Follow the instructions and enter a Google Voice number,
  3. Download the Google Voice app from the App Store in your iPhone,
  4. Use your Google Voice number to set up the app,
  5. Open the app and find the Menu icon on the upper left corner,
  6. From the list of options, choose Settings,
  7. Under Calls, find an option Incoming Calls – tap on it. Now the app is set to record your calls.
  8. Next, make the call you want to record,
  9. While the call is on-going, press “4” on the keypad.
    • This app starts the recording with a voice alert audible by all. This means that your recipient will be aware that you are recording the call.
  10. To stop the recording, you can press “4” again or simply hang up once you’re done.

The recordings are saved in the Google Voice app. To access these:

  • Open the Google Voice app,
  • Tap on the Menu icon,
  • Tap on the option Recorded to find all your recordings.

iPadio: This is a free app that lets you record calls. This one requires a bit more work. To use this app, follow these steps:


  • Install the app from the Apple App Store to your phone,
  • Open the app and enter your name, country, the phone number to set it up.


  • Log in to your account using the website,
  • You will find an option that says Channel Details – click on that,
  • For the option ‘Show broadcasts on public broadcast listing page’, select “No”,
  • Next, for the option 'Hide public channel page', select “Yes”.

This makes sure that your recordings remain private. Now, to record your calls, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app,
  2. On the main page of the app, you will see two options and a PIN – note the number,
  3. One of the two options is “Live Phonecast” – tap on that,
  4. Open your Phone app and enter the PIN and dial,
  5. Next, press “Add call” and add the recipient of your call,
  6. When the recipient picks up, press “merge” to merge the calls into a three-way conference.

You can access this recording from your iPadio account or the app itself:

  • Open the iPadio app,
  • Go to Your Calls,
  • You will find all your recordings here that you can choose to play or share.

This app has another use – here is how to record a live conversation on iPhone using iPadio,

  • On the main page of the app, you will find two options – tap on “record and publish”,
  • On the following screen, press “record” to start the recording and “pause” to stop.
  • You will then find options to either “play” the recording or “upload” it,
  • You can name the recording and/or add other details to upload it on iPadio’s platform. If you choose not to upload it, you can still access your recording from Your Calls on the app.

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There are fully logical reasons for needing to record a call or conversation. Hence, we strongly recommend that you do not use any of these methods for illegal purposes. Know your regional laws, country’s laws, and your network service provider’s regulations. For your safety, do not share sensitive information with strangers over the phone.

The applications and methods mentioned here are safe and will cause no harm to your phone. We hope this will solve your problems effectively.

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