How to Measure Tablet Size So You Can Buy the Best Fitting Case

How to Measure Tablet Size

If you are wondering how to measure tablet size, there are two simple ways:

  • Google the model number and check the exact measurements as given by the manufacturer (I'll explain what to look for below)
  • Manually using a ruler

I am going to explain both methods step-by-step below. 

What You Will Need

You only need a ruler. You can also use a tape measure, but it is easier to use a ruler to be more accurate. Make sure it is well-calibrated and the device has no cover or glass screen protector when you measure it.

tablet size check

What You Need To Do

If you want to know the dimensions of your tablet to see if you can fit it in your backpack, or need to learn how to measure a tablet for a case, follow these steps. It is really easy.

Step 1 – Length

Lay your tablet flat on a desk in front of you.

Hold the ruler on top of it. Hold the ‘0’ (zero) point at the bottom edge and make sure the first mark is in line with the edge of the device. Make sure both the top and bottom edges are aligned with the coinciding marks on the ruler. Now read the mark that aligns with the top edge, and you have your length.

Step 2 – Width

Use the same method as above, only this time, hold the ruler horizontally. Make sure the markings on each side of the ruler coincide with the right and left edges. Hold ‘0’ (zero) on any one end and read the marking on the other end, and you have your width.

Step 3 – Depth/ Thickness

For this, you need to bring your tab to the edge of the desk. This measurement can be a little tricky if the device has curved edges, which most devices do these days. Make sure the tab is straight and aligned with the edge. Hold the ruler on the side and measure from the point where you can see the screen to the surface of the desk (where the bottom of the tab sits).

If you only need to know how to measure tablet screen size, you can use a similar method.

You should know that the size of your screen does not include the bezels (the black border you can see along the edges). If you cannot identify where the bezels start, keep your device unlocked while you do it.

You can follow step 1 and 2 from above with some modifications:

  • When you hold the ruler on the screen to take the length, make sure the markings align with the top edge of the bottom bezel and the bottom edge of the top bezel.
  • Use the same method for the width, ensuring that the markings on the ruler coincide with the inner edges of the bezel.
  • You can measure it diagonally as well, by holding the ruler on the inner opposite points of the screen.
tablet device on a coffee table

Alternative method

If you have an internet connection on your tablet, just look it up. Since most people have access to a laptop/computer or a smartphone, this method can be used by anyone. All you need is the name and model number of your device.

Step 1

(Android and Windows users)

Go to Settings and tap on the option ‘About (Device)’ – this is where you will find your model number.

(iPad users)

Go to Settings and tap on ‘General’. You will find an option named ‘About’, tap on it, and your model number.

Step 2

Now all you have to do is enter the name of your tablet and model number into Google. You will find all the information you need. You can always find a link to the official website, where they have the dimensions mentioned accurately.

The best source of information is the official website of the brand, so it’s best to look there first.


Measuring your device manually has its limitations. This is especially valid today because:

  • Most devices have curved edges
  • The latest tablets are slim, so it’s difficult to measure the thickness
  • Since they are slim, it is often hard to read the accurate measurement

These are the simplest ways to measure the size of your tablet. If you are an Apple user, there are no additional methods or steps to find iPad measurements. These steps can be applied to almost all tablets since the designs nowadays are very similar.

If you need your tablet size for a case or tablet screen dimensions for a screen protector, you can easily find the information online or even in stores. Most stores are familiar with popular products and they can find you a perfect size just by looking at the model number.

Did you find this information useful? Let us know in the comments below! For more guidance regarding your tech device, head over to our Facebook page!


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