Unlock the Next Level with Tzumi Dream Vision Pro Review

With an affordable price tag, the Tzumi Dream Vision Pro might be the perfect VR headset for those who want to experience virtual reality gaming.

Read our specially curated Tzumi Dream Vision Pro review to find out why this might be the perfect headset for the VR newbies out there.


Let’s say you want to fly somewhere, you can either take a well-known airline or a budget airline. The travel experience in a budget airline will be inferior.

Picking the Tzumi Dream Vision Pro is like picking the budget airline to get transported into your dream world of virtual reality. 

Yet some budget airlines may surprise you. The Dream Vision Pro does exactly this.

At such an affordable price it comes with built-in sound, navigation, and action buttons.

Surprisingly it also quite lightweight and ranks high in terms of comfort with a pair of adjustable straps and soft padding for prolong use.

The retractable stereo Bluetooth earbuds also do the job quite well.


  • Good sound and navigation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-glare system
  • Compatible with prescription glasses
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Build material is flimsy
  • Very few app support

Read on for an in-depth review of the features!

Broadly Compatible

The Dream Vision Pro delivers in the compatibility segment. The VR headset works with all kinds of Android and iPhone Smartphones which are about 3.5 to 6 inches(8.9 to 15.2 cm) in terms of size. It can also be used with all kinds of operating systems.

Padding and Adjustable Straps

I cannot emphasize enough how important comfort is when it comes to VR headsets.

You can use the Tzumi Dream Vision Pro for extended periods without an issue.

Usually, straps cut into the skin and irritate the soft skin on your face. The soft vinyl foam padding around the eye in the dream vision pro does not cut into your face. Additionally, the straps are adjustable so that the size can be easily adjusted to fit your face according to your preference.

Folks with prescription glasses largely benefit from this feature. Trust me, I can relate to how annoying it is to watch a 3D movie!

The adjustable straps and the soft vinyl foam in combination prevent light from entering the device and spoiling your VR experience.

At 1.1 pounds (499g) the device is quite light too. This reduces the strain on your neck and head.

Inbuilt Mic and Retractable Bluetooth Earbuds

Many VR headsets usually require an external pair of headphones with a mic. What’s cool about the Dream Vision Pro is that it has a built-in microphone along with retractable Bluetooth earbuds.

Wired earbuds can be a nuisance when it comes to storage. The Bluetooth feature overcomes this issue for easy storage and mobility.

As if that’s not enough:

The earbuds are 3D sound-enabled and pretty impressive at this price range.

Magnetic Control Switch

VR headsets in this price range usually lack a control switch. I was surprised to find a magnetic control switch on the dream vision pro which offers superior navigation and command.

Adjustable Lenses

Another unique feature that the dream vision pro offers are adjustable lenses. Two buttons on the top of the device allow the user to alter the gap between the two lenses.

This feature also allows for the focal length and the object distance to be adjusted allowing users with short-sightedness of up to 600-degrees to use the device without their prescription glasses.

The only downside to the lens is in terms of viewing angle. The device offers a very short viewing angle of only 70-90 degrees.

How to use The Dream Vision Pro

STEP 1: Download and Install the Dream360 VR app from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store.

STEP 2: Launch the app and place the device in the headset and make sure to align the device with the centerline.

STEP 3: Adjust the lens until the image is clear and sharp.

STEP 4: Step into another realm and enjoy your experience.

Tzumi 4872WM Dream Vision Pro Mobile VR Headset - Black
Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Now that we’ve checked out the Dream Vision Pro and what it offers, let’s compare it against 3 different contenders.

Tzumi Dream Vision Pro Vs.

Same team

Another VR headset by TZUMI goes by the same name and has the same features as the PRO version. The only difference between the Dream Vision Pro and Dream Vision VR is in the earbuds.

The Pro version comes with retractable Bluetooth earbuds and the normal version comes with a wired retractable system

Dangling and tangled wires are an actual problem. Wireless earbuds win in every possible way except when it comes to virtual reality.

To get the full 3D experience, wired earbuds are recommended. Using wireless earbuds may cause loss of quality due to high latency or lag.

The audio and video always have to be in sync.

Winner: Tzumi Dream Vision VR

Tzumi Dream Vision Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset, Retracteable...
360º Video Compatibility; Built- in Retractable Ear Buds; Universal Design fits iPhone, Android Phones up to 6 inch screen

Same Weight Class

Onn VR headset is another affordable gateway to your dream world of endless possibilities.

It has the usual front phone section with a hinged door AND it also has a gap for your power and headphones wires to pass through. No earphones are provided in-built with the headset and it’s a major deal-breaker.

It also has a feature to adjust the lenses but due to the low-quality lenses, it is hard to attain a sharp and crisp image.

The adjustable nylon straps are quite impressive and provide a secure and tight fit. The padding around the eye is also pretty comfortable.

The lack of a control switch nor a remote to control your phone is also extremely disappointing.


  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable lens
  • Adjustable head straps


  • Poor quality lens
  • Poor build
  • Flimsy material
  • No control switches
  • No earbuds provided

Winner: Tzumi Dream Vision Pro

Higher Weight Class

If budget isn’t a restriction, just the name ‘Samsung’ will make some folks want to buy it.

The Samsung Gear VR is currently in its 3rd generation. It is considered a dominant force in the virtual reality arena partnering up with Oculus, another major player in this arena.

In terms of design, the plastic material used is quite sturdy and has a bold look. The front compartment holds the phone perfectly and closes without any gaps which prevent light from disrupting the VR experience.

In terms of comfort, I can’t complain at all. The two-strap adjustable system holds the device perfectly in place. The padding around the eye is held together by Velcro making it easy to replace if worn out, faded or if you feel grossed out by your sweat.

The device has a USB-C port on the underside and a control pad on the side.

The Bluetooth controller is the main feature of this device with a sensitive touchpad and a trigger button at the end making it easier for the gamers to fire their weapons. The ergonomics offered by this device is unmatched.

The device also allows for a 101-degree viewing angle which is quite sufficient.


  • Ergonomic Bluetooth controller
  • High comfortability
  • Adjustable straps
  • USB-C port
  • Wide range of applications


  • Only compatible with Samsung devices

Winner: Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR w/Controller - US Version - Discontinued by...
Go anywhere, do anything, be anyone with virtual reality; Complete 360 immersion with a wide 101o field of view

What to Look for in a VR Headset

Today, Virtual Reality headsets can be utilized for a wide range of purposes such as gaming, education, training, and watching movies. 

Compared to conventional video games, virtual reality helps users to improve synchronization and critical thinking skills by allowing them to be present in the games.

There’s a wide variety of headsets in the market. VR headsets are usually compatible with either smartphones, PCs, or gaming consoles.

Let’s take a look at a few general criteria which apply to all 3 types of VR headsets. 

woman holding a black VR headset

Quality of Experience:

Let’s be realistic, the best VR experience cannot be provided by a headset powered by your mobile phone.

To get the best VR experience, you’d probably have to invest in a tethered or untethered VR set compatible with a PC or gaming console.

How much space do you have to move around?

One of the greatest paradoxes of VR headsets is that even though they allow you to transport into your dream worlds and furthest galaxies with infinite opportunities, it all depends on the size of your limited apartment.

If you have a vast play area, you can easily go with a tethered or untethered VR headset as they have certain space requirements for optimal performance.

However, smartphone-compatible VR headsets allow you to fully optimize the performance potential when it comes to limited space. This is mainly because smartphone VR sets offer passive VR experiences with limited movement and usually with controllers.


The visual aspect is of primal importance when it comes to an immersive VR experience. Mostly, VR headsets have OLED screens. There will be a screen for each eye.

Ideally, your VR headset should have a display resolution of at least 1080 x 1200 for each screen to have standard image clarity, color, and contrast.

The image refresh rate is another important factor to pay attention to. It decides on how fast the images change and move during gameplay. Ideal refresh rates are between 90 to 150 Hz.

However, the Dream Vision Pro uses your mobile screen, and hence display quality depends on your smartphone screen.


Visuals are only 50 percent of the equation.  Audio makes up the other 50 percent in delivering a realistic experience.

Pay close attention to the sound quality. High-end VR headsets will usually have true spatial audio. This takes into consideration the distance aspect.

Sound isolation earpieces are preferred.


I consider this the most important aspect when it comes to a VR headset.

No matter how good the headset is in terms of sound and display, if it is uncomfortable or too heavy to wear and move around, the purpose is lost.

Here’s why:

A VR headset is bound to your face. Therefore, the weight and comfort level have a considerable impact on your VR experience.

It is recommended that you always try a VR headset before buying. But for online shopping fans, there are some factors you can look at online before deciding.

The lighter the headset, the more comfortable you are going to be. Consider the build, check what materials were used, whether the headset has padding, and if the straps are adjustable.

All in all, the Dream Vision Pro is a winner in its price range. Even though wired earbuds are preferred the built-in microphone and Bluetooth earbuds are a unique feature at this price range.

The fact that it is also widely compatible makes it a good choice.

At this price range, you can’t expect an amazing VR experience.

If you’re just testing the waters this might be the ideal VR headset for you.

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