Dragon Touch x10 Review – A Bit Old but Still Golden [2020 Update]

The Dragon Touch x10 is a budget tablet released over four years ago. Regardless, a smart combination of specs makes the tablet still worth investing in. Or does it? Read below to learn all about what makes the x10 worth your money, and if not, what the alternatives could be:

Overview of Dragon Touch x10 Specs

Device Specifications:


 11 x 6.8 x 0.4 inches (279 x 173 x 10mm)


 Octa-Core Cortex A7 GHz


 Octa-Core PowerVR SGX544




 10-inch IPS

 Screen Resolution



 16GB extendable

 Front Camera


 Rear Camera



 1.98 pounds (898g)





Dragon Touch x10 Review - The Good Stuff

What makes the x10 worth it? Here’s a list:

Massive Screen with Wide Viewing Angles

The x10 has a 10.6-inch screen, which is massive for a tablet. The bid screen is great for reading, streaming, and doing touch sensitive things. If you have big fingers, typing on a big screen like this would be quite easy.

Not only is the screen big, it supports a 178-degree wide viewing angle. In lay terms, that means you can see the screen clearly even from the sides. You don’t have to stare straight at it to view what’s on display. This makes the x10 a great tablet for sharing. You can set up the tablet from almost any angle with ease.

Display Exceeds Expectations

Sometimes a great display is too much to expect from a budget tablet. The x10 is an exception. Unlike most of the similarly priced competition, the x10 sports a display that more than justifies the price. No, you won’t get a Full HD glossy screen. Still, you can enjoy an IPS display with an impressive 1366x768 resolution.

That resolution is more than enough for everyday tasks plus streaming videos. The screen displays colors brightly without distortions. Reading is quite easy thanks to the sharpness of the display. Overall, there’s nothing much to complain about the it.

Powerful Processor and a GPU

The x10 comes with an octa-core processor and a separate octa-core GPU. Octa core means the tablet processor has eight cores. The more cores a processor has, the more efficient it is at executing tasks. That means the x10 processor can run any compatible app speedily without unnecessary delays.

Having a separate GPU has its advantages too. That usually means the GPU, rather than the main chip, processes any graphics-related task. This division of labor allows your device to run faster when streaming videos or playing games. The quality of graphics is much better too.

Dragon Touch android tablet - x10

Entertainment Ready

The x10 is definitely a tablet designed for entertainment. The big screen with a solid resolution, plus the GPU, makes this tablet ideal for entertainment purposes. So if you are a casual gamer or a heavy streamer with a limited budget, this tablet is well suited to meet your needs.

The tablet comes with built-in 802.11b/g/n4 Wi-Fi paired with an HDMI adapter. You can connect your tablet to a monitor, a TV, or a similar device with an HDMI cable. So the x10 could be a great addition to any home entertainment system.

Furthermore, the x10 supports H.265 decoding, which is a new compression standard that allows your device to stream videos at a much higher quality standard.

Battery Life is Okay for a Budget Tablet

Unlike most budget tablets, the x10 comes with a massive 7,200mAH battery. You can reliably expect about 6 hours of battery life on average. That is not much considering some higher end tablets these days can last up to 12 hours. Given the price of this gadget, 6 hours on average is better than most. In comparison, the sister device, Dragon Touch v10, only lasts 4-5 hours with a slightly smaller battery.

You can theoretically improve battery life by using the device with power saving options. That is, doing things like reducing the brightness or keeping Wi-Fi turned off when not in use could potentially extend battery life up to 7 or even 8 hours.

The Not-So Good Things about the Dragon Touch x10 10.6

Budget tablets naturally mean making compromises. Here are some things that might turn some people off the x10:

Outdated Android OS

The biggest downside is that the x10 comes preinstalled with Android 5.1 Lollipop, released in 2014. We have yet to see a Dragon Touch x10 update. The device is still secure to use, although you may not benefit from some of the latest features the Android platform uses.

The outdated OS may not affect all users. The device is still capable of handling common tasks like web browsing, checking email, streaming via Netflix, and some gaming. But keep in mind that certain recently released apps might not work with this version of Android.

Could Do with More RAM

The x10 is a bit short on both internal storage and RAM. While you can fix the measly 16GB of internal storage with a Dragon Touch x10 SD card, the same can’t be said about the RAM.

You only get 1GB of RAM with this device. That’s nothing to panic about, mind you. However, you may have trouble multitasking a lot when the RAM is this low. The tablet can easily run an app or two simultaneously. But if you plan on running more than 2 apps at the same time, the tablet might slow down.


The x10 weighs nearly 2 pounds (or over half a kilo). That might not be ideal for users who plan on holding onto this tablet for extended periods. If you are a tablet user on the go, the weightiness might annoy you. Still, the tablet is quite slim and easy to carry in a bag. The weight won’t be a problem if you plan on primarily using the tablet on a table.

Mind the IPS Display

The IPS display is great as long as the screen on your device is not faulty. This is not a problem specific to the x10 per se. IPS displays are known to cause a “ghosting” effect, where a faint image appears around the main image.

Ghosting is common to IPS panels and most of it disappears over time. However, it’s worthwhile to check the tablet you get for this ghosting effect right from the start. Most sellers offer a 7-day refund period. So if the display is faulty, you can quickly return it for an x10 in good condition.

Some Alternatives Worth Considering

That’s it for our Dragon Touch 10.1 tablet review. If you want more options to consider, here are several reliable alternatives:

Dragon Touch v10

If you want a budget tablet from the same brand but with a more recent Android OS, the v10 is a good option. It shares many of the same specs as the x10, but comes with Android 7.0 Nougat installed. The v10 has a slightly smaller screen and weighs less too. It has a quad-core processor though, unlike the eight cores you get with the x10.

Lectrus Tablet

Lectrus is another budget tablet that offers reliable processing power and a good screen. Specs wise, both this and the x10 are largely on the same playing field. However, the Lectrus comes with Android 9 preinstalled. It has 2GB of RAM, so it’s slightly better than the x10 at multitasking. The tablets are similar in size and weight, with largely similar screens. The Lectrus, like the v10, has only a quad-core processor. The x10 has a bigger battery, with about an hour of extra average battery time compared with the Lectrus.  

The Conclusion

The Dragon Touch x10 may have been released four years ago, but it’s quite capable of meeting modern needs. Indeed, the Android OS in the device is outdated. But if you still use apps released years ago, don’t be quick to overlook this tablet.

The x10 is an excellent budget option for those who love streaming videos online. You can even hook this up to a TV at home for the big screen experience. Other than that, the tablet is a solid performer when it comes to work-related tasks. Emailing or filling up spreadsheets is easy work for the x10.

While there are some downsides like the weightiness or lack of RAM, the x10 still meets basic requirements of a budget tablet. It’s well worth giving a second look if you are strictly browsing low-cost devices.

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