Astoria Virtual Reality Reviews: Perfect Trial VR

The Astoria VR headset might be a great option for a new user to give VR a shot without spending a hefty amount on a high-end product. With the ease of connection, high compatibility, and an acceptable range of applications, you can now experience VR without breaking your bank.

Check out our Astoria virtual reality review to find out more.

Astoria Goggles

What’s Astoria VR All About?

With the evolution of technology, the gaming industry has also come a long way. Throughout the years, the way we interact with games has changed. All you need is a smartphone and a headset like the Astoria VR goggles.

This headset utilizes the screen and sensors on your device to track your motions and virtually transport you to the applications you are using. The biggest advantage this has over popular gaming VR headset such as PlayStation VR is the affordability factor. Not only do those high-end VR headsets cost a lot, but they also require specific VR enabled games that incur additional costs.

Games of Astoria VR can be downloaded free of charge on your smartphone.


  • Affordable
  • Works with a wide range of smartphones
  • 1080p supported


  • Graphics might not be realistic
  • Lag in movement
  • Lens adjustments aren’t accurate
  • Let’s check out the features in detail


The Astoria headset is quite light, and this is an important factor to consider if you’re planning on wearing the headset for a long period. The ergonomic design allows for a comfortable fit along with adjustable straps and internal padding.


1080p supported and has a quite wide 360-degree view. The optical lenses block blue light using an eight-layer nano-coating which gives an acceptable graphic display.


The device doesn’t have a control panel which is a huge disappointment. It has a knob that you can use to adjust the focal distance. This feature isn’t that effective or accurate.


There are no integrated earbuds, therefore the audio will depend on your smartphone. You can plug in a headphone jack or invest in a special VR headset.


This device works well with most android or apple smartphones in the range of 3.5 to 6-inch display sizes.

Astoria VR (Latest Edition) 3D Immersive Virtual Reality Headset,...
✅ ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Lightweight frame with premium comfortable foam

How To Use The Astoria VR Headset

The device set up is easy. This standalone headset doesn’t require a power source or any type of connection. Just place your phone in the front slot which has a magnetic cover. Download a VR game and you are ready to go.

After setting up the device, wear the device, and securely tighten using the adjustable straps.


Similar Price Range

When it comes to compatibility, the dream vision pro is an absolute winner. The device works with both iPhone and Android devices that have fit the size range of 3.5 to 6” (8.9 to 15.2cm).

The padding is quite soft and made of vinyl foam, so it does not irritate your face. Also, the straps are flexible so that the size can be easily altered to fit your face according to your liking.

The flexible straps and the smooth vinyl foam prevent light leak into the device which can disrupt your VR environment.

The device is also quite light at only 1.1lbs (499g). This lowers the strain on your face and neck.

Another interesting feature is the retractable Bluetooth earbuds and built-in microphone.

The Dream Vision Pro is quite a winner in its price range.


  • Good sound and navigation
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Anti-glare system
  • Compatible with prescription glasses
  • Compatible with most devices


  • Build material is flimsy
  • Very few app support.
Tzumi 4872WM Dream Vision Pro Mobile VR Headset - Black
Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Similar Price Range

At first glance, this headset looks like a kid’s toy, but it’s so much more. A budget headset that is durable enough for frequent use AND super comfortable.

The reason it looks like a kid's toy is because it had been developed with kids in mind. However, it can also be used by adults.

With the soft and durable construction, the Merge is quite comfortable for a headset in this price range. The sturdy design is unbreakable so it can last long especially with kids.

Due to its bulky size and ample space, users who use prescription glasses and can use this with ease. The ventilation issue isn’t addressed well in this headset. Expect a sweaty face after a long period of usage.

Again, the lack of a control panel seems to be a problem with devices in this price range. Interaction with the smartphone is limited due to this reason. With just two buttons on the top, the Merge disappoints.

What’s interesting about this is the unique way of setting the phone up. While many headsets have a magnetic cover, Merge has a slot to which the phone has to be dropped from the top.

While this makes it easy for set-up, it can also cause light to enter and disrupt the VR experience.

It is not the best headset out there, but in this price range, it is quite durable and comfortable.


  • Kid-friendly
  • Colorful sturdy design
  • AR and VR capable
  • Affordable


  • Lens adjustment isn’t accurate
  • Lacks content and Apps

Higher Price Range

If the price isn't a limitation, the word 'Samsung' just makes some people want to get it.

Now the Samsung virtual reality headset is in its third generation. It's regarded as a dominant power in collaboration with Oculus, another key force in this field, in the virtual reality market.

The plastic product used is highly durable in terms of structure and boasts a sophisticated look. The pocket in the front tightly protects the phone and shuts without any holes which block light from disturbing the virtual environment

I can't protest at all when it comes to comfort. The flexible two-strap design keeps the unit in perfect position. Velcro keeps the cushioning around the eye attached making it straightforward to remove if stretched out, damaged, or if you sweat a lot.

The unit has an underside USB-C port, and a side control pad.

This device's key aspect is the Bluetooth joystick which has a responsive trackpad and a trigger knob at the top, making it easier for players to shoot their guns. The ergonomics that this system provides are unparalleled.

The wide 101-degree angle of view is also quite appropriate.


  • Ergonomic controller
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Flexible straps
  • USB-C port
  • Lots of content


  • Only compatible with Samsung devices
Samsung Gear VR R324 Powered by Oculus - Black
Original Samsung Gear VR Oculus with Controller; Retail Packed (United Arab Emirates - UAE) with Full English support and English Manual

How To Buy A VR Headset?

For many, this might sound like a silly question. Just swipe your card and purchase it?

But there are so many factors to consider before investing in a VR headset.

Astoria VR isn’t the best, but let’s check out the few things to consider before buying a VR headset, and let’s see how well Astoria VR stacks up against them.

How many types of headsets are out there?

Although there are endless amounts of Virtual reality headset manufacturers and designs, you only need to learn about a handful of different styles. Recognizing the general construction will assist your decision when you chose to purchase your own VR headset.

Tethered devices are Virtual reality headsets which, varying on the device, has a cable that links the VR headset to a computer or gaming console. The communication cable enables the computer or game console to send VR commands to the VR goggles, that will then be transmitted to the person.

Untethered goggles work as stand-alone machines that don't involve a link cable to offer the experience. These devices, instead, usually depend on a Wi-Fi network for receiving and transmitting VR data.

Mobile phone headsets are distinctive because the VR transmission source (that is, your mobile) is positioned right in the headset. Cell phone Virtual reality headsets differ heavily on structure, integration, functionalities, and level of performance.

Another very crucial part about mobile headsets is that they are strictly limited to the kind of apps they can connect to and facilitate.

What are you going to use the VR headset for?

There are currently so many VR material available: gameplay, video clips, live shows, instructional videos for training, seminars, engaging narratives. The collection is endless.

Choosing on the sort of content that you are most interested in will help determine the best form of VR headset.

Are you are hoping to do some intense gaming? You would need a tethered VR device. 

New to virtual reality, or only aiming to view the random 360-degree video? Opt for a mobile phone VR headset before diving into advanced models 

The Astoria VR headset is perfect for those hoping to occasionally stream and play passive games.

girl using a oculus headset

Your VR playground

You will require space to function with a Virtual reality headset. This area is your playground. How vast it will be depends on the type of VR goggles, guidance system, and the apps being used.

Considering what we've talked about above, you should be able to guess which sort of headset needs the most space: a tethered headset. 

Untethered devices typically need almost the same space as tethered goggles, without the extra space for the VR source.

Mobile VR headsets can operate in confined spaces.


Comfort is the most important factor when it comes to mobile VR headsets. Tethered and untethered devices have other criteria to factor in such as display resolutions and audio quality, but mobile VR headsets depend on the VR source, which is your mobile phone, for the quality of the experience.

So pay close attention to the weight of the mobile VR headset which is quite literally bound to your face. Always opt for softer padding that doesn’t cut your skin and for adjustable head straps so that the device will securely fasten around your head.

Ventilation is also quite important. No one wants to look like they’ve run a marathon after watching a 20min VR video.

If you are strapped for cash but want to experience VR, the Astoria VR can be a viable option. Personally, I would prefer the two other alternatives in this price range.

If you are gamer or want to experience deeper VR immersion, you should move on from this price range and consider high-end headsets such as the Gear VR or the different models offered by Oculus.

We would love to hear about your VR experience with the Astoria Virtual Reality headset. If you liked our read, you can share it on Facebook.

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